The number of casinos that accept Ether are still few and far between, and finding a decent Ethereum casino can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, we have done the work for you. Below is a short list of quality casinos that accept Ether.

1. FortuneJack

fortunejackAs one of the top cryptocurrency casinos, FortuneJack accepts payments in the form of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ether, among a few others. If you own many different kinds of digital currencies and want to play at a top-notch casino without going through the trouble of switching coins, then FortuneJack should be your number one choice. FortuneJack currently offers a casino and sportsbook, as well as live table games.

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2. mBit Casino

250_250red.pngYou may have heard of this casino, as it is one of the top sites favored by people who like to gamble using cryptocurrencies. mBit has been accepting deposits in the form of Bitcoins for some time now, but recently, they have begun accepting Ether as well. You can both make deposits and withdraw your winnings using Ether. If you haven’t tried mBit casino, it is one of the first places you should try on your quest to find the right Ethereum casino.

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250x250_betcoin1b.jpgBetcoin is another well-known casino that is now accepting both Bitcoin and Ether deposits. In addition to a casino and sportsbook, Betcoin features a “Live casino” where you can play against a live dealer in a number of different languages. Other features offered by Betcoin include a forum, a leaderboard, and player chat, making its participants feel like part of a community.

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Ethereum vs. Bitcoin

Until recently, we had been recommending Bitcoin over Ether, but with recent network congestion issues, coupled with the fact that Bitcoin prices are ridiculously volatile, we now believe in using Ether as a backup method for funding your deposits.  While there are many different ways to buy Ether, we suggest that you avoid using large exchanges such as Coinbase, as such exchanges often block your ability to send money to online casinos, depending on where you live.

More About Gambling at an Ethereum Casino

Cryptocurrencies, combined with a few other security measures, make it possible to gamble online even if you live in a jurisdiction that outlaws online gambling. However, just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. We do not condone gambling online unless you live in a country that allows it. Therefore, we advise you to use cryptocurrencies merely as a convenience when you deposit money into a casino and not as a way to skirt the law.

Something else you should consider is practicing for free at your chosen casino before wagering real money. Fortunately, most casinos allow you to play for free as long as you like. We recommend doing this with any new game that you aren’t already familiar with.

Even if you find an Ethereum casino you like, it makes sense to open up accounts at all the casinos above, as most of them provide a signup bonuses which you can use to place free bets.